Celebrating That Thing That Happened Yesterday with Faidley’s Crab Cakes

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catch of the day fish (2)Frankly, what I like best about last night’s victory is imagining not knowing it had happened. Hear me out: imagine that you were, in fact, living under a rock. You didn’t know that the Ravens had just played and upset the Patriots, but you suddenly heard the screaming, fireworks, honking horns, et al., that immediately followed the game. If it was me, I’d probably assume that everyone on my block was suddenly, all at once, really freaking excited (a few hours late) about Obama’s extremely low-key re-swearing in. Or maybe they all just realized that the following day was Martin Luther King Day and they didn’t have to go to work. Woooohoooooo! The possibilities are endless.

You may have caught wind of Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s “friendly” wager with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. In a phone conversation (who knew that mayors talked to each other?) they apparently agreed that the mayor of the losing city would send the other a gift basket of local delicacies. If we lost, Mayor Menino would be receiving, among other things, some of J.W. Faidley’s famous crab cakes, straight from Lexington Market. The crab cakes are renowned as the best around—and of course are quintessentially Baltimore. Since our mayor’s off the hook, (that is, more for us) why not stop by yourself and revel even more in our very Baltimoreness? Sure, Mayor Rawlings-Blake will enjoy her victory basket of Red’s Best Seafood, Alex’s Ugly Hot Sauce, and Vianne Chocolate—but we know that nothing beats what we’ve got right here at home. Caw!

J.W. Faidley’s crab cakes are available at Lexington Market at 203 North Paca Baltimore. For more information, visit www.faidleyscrabcakes.com.

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