Cell Phone Video Records Baltimore Student-Teacher Brawl

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student-teacher brawl
A male student attempts to break up the fight.

Public reaction to a student-teacher brawl that broke out at a West Baltimore school has been mixed. Students of Carver Vocational-Technical High School recorded cell phone video of the altercation, which reportedly began when the student refused to get off her phone while the class was taking a test.

A verbal dispute turned violent when the student hurled a keyboard and then a book at the teacher. The teacher told the student, “I will kill you in here!” and slammed her against the lockers, apparently holding onto the student’s hair.

The teacher is on administrative leave, and the student has been charged with assault.

Now we just have to brace for the news-site comments sections to go off on the state of youth today, advocate for the reintroduction of corporal punishment, and make wild speculations about the student’s family life.

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  1. A student hurls a book and a keyboard and the teacher is supposed to just stand there and take it? Yes she could have, as one parent put it, ‘walked away’ and then what? A chair? And we then wonder why there were over 190 teacher vacancies at the start of the school year???? And what about the other students in the classroom? Does no one care that they are being deprived of an education because this young lady (I use the term loosely) cannot control herself?

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