Charges Possible Today for Grave-Desecrating Browns Fan

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Cleveland Browns fan

The Cleveland Browns fan who staged a stupid and disgusting revenge urination at the gravesite of former Ravens owner Art Modell has been identified. Baltimore County police have not released his name and haven’t said how exactly they tracked him down. Perhaps they looked for the one guy who owns Ed Reed and Lyle Alzado jerseys. (If you haven’t seen the guy’s stupid video, know that just before he pees down his pant leg using a homemade catheter, there is a not-all-that-mindblowing costume change.)

The case is currently in the hands of Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger, who may decide today whether to file charges. You may have been wondering, as I was, whether it is technically unlawful to film oneself peeing one’s pants beside a grave. Turns out: maybe! Baltimore County police told the Baltimore Sun that “there are laws prohibiting disorderly or indecent conduct in a cemetery.”


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