Charming Stuffed Bunnies and More from Cotton Monster

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Cotton Monster Bunny

catch of the day fish (2)We always run a Catch on Jennifer Strunge’s Cotton Monsters during the holidays. After all, the adorable plush sculptures/playthings are some of the most charming handmade goods in town—so they make perfect gifts for kids and adults alike. But when we saw Strunge featured on the Make website today, we were filled with a burst of Baltimore pride, and couldn’t resist browsing her Etsy shop and sharing our finds. Strunge has a cast of usual suspects that you can always find on her website—Pentapods, Bottomfeeders, and Crazy Hearts, to name a few. But these days she’s also got some members of a Germanic sounding cat family, as well as mini bunnies perfect for stuffing Easter baskets.

Strunge works out of her own small studio in her Baltimore City home. Her cotton creations are all made of recycled natural fibers cut from sweatshirts, blankets, and other once-loved garments. She’s had plenty of success as a designer and sculptor beyond her online shop; designing a line for Land of Nod, and window installations for the Johns Hopkins Childrens Center. We’re so glad to hear her craftsmanship and creativity are being applauded by the likes of Make, and are even more excited to see these Mini Bunnies added to Strunge’s wild world.

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