ChiliBrew Celebrates Homegrown Efforts, and Gives Everyone a Vote

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chulibrewcatch of the day fish (2)The annual ChiliBrew is back this weekend. The event has two things worth writing about in beer and chili. The event’s DIY and grassroots ethos is equally worth highlighting.

Held from 7-10 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 9, at Zion Church of the City of Baltimore, the event raises money a trio of nonprofits. This year’s beneficiaries are the Baltimore Brew, Farm Alliance of Baltimore City and Force, a collaboration between activists to upset rape culture.

The organizations are picked to represent examples of people taking it upon themselves to make a difference, and the food and drink are made by folks who don’t usually seek out a big audience or proft.

Throughout, attendees can alternate between homemade chili and home-brewed beer. In the chili category, the competition is further broken down into vegetarian and chili con carne. It’s all you-can-eat/drink until folks run out.

Judges crown a winner in each category, but it’s decided by the attendees for the most part. Since home cooks and brewers want to know how they stack up, a panel of local celebrity judges weighs in, too.

Check out the website for ticket info. The event will probably sell out.

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