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By Capital News Service Staff

After voters granted their overwhelming approval in November’s election, Maryland will become the 22nd state to legalize recreational cannabis on July 1. Since the election, lawmakers have been working to create a viable legal framework for legalization including details like taxation, licensing, and a myriad of other regulations that will govern how this potential multi-billion dollar market will function, both for those looking to buy or sell. That framework now awaits Gov. Wes Moore’s signature, and all indications are that it will become law.

Lawmakers had to consider everything from public safety to atoning for some of the war on drugs’ injustices, to zoning, to tax revenue, and everything in between, all against the backdrop of an industry-wide oversupply problem that has dragged prices down, forced businesses into crisis and called into question the viability of other states’ legalization models.

“All we know is what they didn’t do right,” said bill architect and House Economic Matters Committee Chairman C.T. Wilson, D-Charles, in a conversation with Capital News Service early in the legislative session.

Such a complex issue has resulted in a complex law. The version of the bill that passed Maryland’s state legislature is over 100 pages of dense legal text that lays out each aspect of of the new market in considerable detail and with considerable care. But as Marylanders wonder how the recreational market will function, not many have the time to read a 100-page document.

That’s where we come in.

We spent the last few weeks poring over Maryland’s new cannabis law, talking to the lawmakers who crafted it, and speaking with industry experts to try to figure out how buying and selling cannabis will change in Maryland starting July 1st.

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