Chris Christie Comes to Maryland, Calls O’Malley a ‘Loser’

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Chris Christie Calls O'Malley a Loser
Martin O’Malley and Chris Christie

When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie addressed a crowd of Larry Hogan supporters in a bingo hall on Sunday, it was theoretically to boost his fellow Republican in a surging underdog campaign against Democrat Anthony Brown in blue-as-a-smurf Maryland. But he took a moment to make the race about his personal rival, Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Christie related to the crowd the content of a Washington Post article in which O’Malley admitted he was “a little nervous” about the possibility of Hogan’s campaign defeating Brown on Election Day. Christie then addressed a few gloating words directly to “my friend Marty” before enjoying some premature schadenfreude with the crowd: “I mean, don’t you just love it. Big, bad Marty O’Malley. Big, big taxing Marty O’Malley. Big spending Marty O’Malley. And in two days, big loser Marty O’Malley.”

So, in Christie’s vision of electoral politics, one should vote for Hogan because he’s running against a guy who’s supported by this other guy who we really don’t like, just so that other guy will know what it feels like to be a loser.

Three cheers for democracy.

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