Christmas Village Comes to Baltimore

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Christmas Village

catch of the day fish (2)Sometimes, when institutions start out in other cities (you know, New York or D.C., for example) we don’t take too kindly when they finally decide that—just maybe—Baltimore might be a cool enough place to set up shop as well. We like our traditions and our businesses home-grown, thank you very much. But every so often, we can’t actually play it that cool. Because sometimes, something comes our way and all we can do is start jumping up and down with excitement and screaming the word “hurray!” over and over again, before regaining our composure and pretending that outburst never happened. Today’s “OHMYGODHURRAYHURRAY” addition to town? The Christmas Village.

The Christmas Village got big in Philadelphia, but this year, they’re bringing it to the Inner Harbor for the first time. It offers a German-style approach to Christmas from November 28th to December 24th. That means while you shop, you can enjoy lively entertainment and traditional European treats like bratwurst, gingerbread, pretzels, crepes and warm spiced wine coming from the Bavarian beer garden. Expect to find crafts, jewelry, and  all manner of treasures from around the world. The atmosphere is truly festive, and white Christmas or no, the village simply brings the holiday spirit to life. Dazzling Christmas lights and decorations, coupled with the view of the Harbor may just make this Baltimore’s favorite new holiday tradition.

The Baltimore Christmas Village opens November 28th. It is located at 501 Light Street in West Shore Park. For more information, visit

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