City Council Passes Bill Requiring Some Restaurant Data to be Posted Online

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From – Despite failing on grades in the spring, Baltimore’s City Council managed to take some action that makes restaurants tell you if they’re dirty.

On Monday, the Council passed a bill requiring city eateries that are shut down by health inspectors to post the reasons they’ve been shuttered. Along with posting paper versions in the restaurant window, the city Health Department will have to post info about the closures on its website and two social media outlets, the bill states.

City Councilman Brandon Scott, who fought for restaurant grades back in the spring, saw this bill pass to a chorus of support in the Council. The mayor is also expected to sign the measure.

“This bill would support governmental transparency by informing the public of the specific reasons for the Department’s actions,” City Health Commissioner Leana Wenwrote in a letter supporting the bill. “The Health Department has worked with the bill sponsor in drafting the bill and is confident we can meet the bill’s requirements in our current operations.”


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