City Garage Becomes First Tenant of Kevin Plank’s Port Covington Innovation Hub

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1st-floor-foundery – The makerspace will relocate in October to the new innovation hub that is being developed by a team backed by Under Armour founder Kevin Plank. The former city bus garage at the southern end of Port Covington is currently being renovated to provide space for ventures focused around light manufacturing, tech and creativity.

A makerspace that is open to the public was identified as a way to bolster the city’s “creative working class.”

“The Foundery is a cornerstone component of the City Garage project,” Demian Costa, managing partner of Sagamore Ventures, said in a written response to questions from Baltimore. “The high-touch, high-traffic nature of the model allows us to engage with a broad sector of the local community. It also serves as a platform for workforce development in the local market.”

The Foundery marks the project’s first named tenant. The current space, locate near the corner of West Pratt Street and Central Avenue, opened in 2013. The 20,000-square-foot space in Port Covington is 10 times its current size.



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