City Wants High-Speed Internet to Be “Ubiquitous and Affordable”

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Baltimore just hired its first broadband coordinator to do for the city what Verizon won’t.

Verizon’s fiber-optic network, FiOS, is available in¬†Baltimore’s suburbs, but the company has “no current plans” to bring its high-speed broadband service to the city proper.

That’s where Jason Hardebeck comes in. As the city’s new broadband coordinator, he is tasked with figuring out how to utilize Baltimore’s fiber-optic network to deliver high-speed Internet within the city limits.

“It’s clearly one of the No. 1 challenges and issues for technology-focused companies in the city,” Hardebeck told WBAL, “and our goal is to figure out how to provide that kind of ubiquitous and affordable access to both companies as well as residents.”



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  1. Any contractor installing the system will require armed guards in Baltimore, I’m being sincere, and that drives the price through the roof. There is simply no return on investment, can you imagine walking away from your Contractors Van in West Baltimore even for minutes?

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