City’s Reveals $26M Plan to Redo Lexington Market

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Lexington Market
Lexington Market, some time ago. Cross your eyes.

We’ve been champing at the bit for a while now to see the details of the city’s master plan to overhaul Lexington Market. We finally got some on Thursday. Kevin Litten provided a great rundown at Baltimore Business Journal of the key features.

The most drastic measures: Eutaw Street side of the market would be completely gutted and rebuilt, and the Market Arcade would be torn down to make way for an open-air farmer’s market. The whole thing’s going to cost $26.5 million (which is about what we expected).

New rules would change the makeup of the vendors, enforcing quotas that favor fresh foods and specialty items over prepared foods, vendors of which would also face steeper rent.

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  1. Don’t they mean an open air drug market? As long as heroin is the main commodity being sold, all the money in the world will not help.
    Lexington Market was a farmers market. Farmers came from all around to sell and trade. We’re talking by wagon not by Prius. They were not selling arugula.
    Those day ended. They are not coming back.
    It is now where lunch is sold.
    Ghost town at night.

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