Clothing by Red Prairie Press

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Red Prairie Press Baltimore

We’re happy to report that we made good on last week’s promise to shop ‘til we drop at all of the weekend holiday craft shows. And judging by the  crowds we often had to wade through to get to the goods, it seems many others had the same idea. Nothing like a fabulous (and well-organized and well-attended) craft show to renew one’s Baltimore pride. So many talented and entrepreneurial artisans right here in our own backyard? And a community that supports them and makes this a great city for artists and small-business owners to set up shop in? Yes! This is home!

Some work we just loved this weekend was Red Prairie Press. Red Prairie designs and prints lovely images on clothing all from the comfort of a Charles Village row home. The work includes everything from silly/charming onesies for babies to really lovely scarves and cardigans. The images all seem so simple, yet genuinely interesting–whether it’s a cartoonish pirate on a onesie or elegant silhouettes of lotuses on an A-line skirt.  Each piece truly looks like it was carefully considered and made with an artist’s discerning eye. Look for Red Prairie goods at more upcoming craft shows, in local shops, and of course, online.

Red Prairie Press items can be found for sale at Trohv, Double Dutch, the BMA, and other local shops. You can also shop online (and find out about other upcoming shows) at

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