Third Eye Blind is embarrassing.

Towson University announced the headliner for its annual big-deal homecoming concert the other day. “We’re really excited to have Third Eye Blind,” Campus Activities Board Director Nick Jones told the Towson Towerlight. “We really wanted a ’90s feel, a rock feel.” Really? This counts as exciting? Well, then I fear for the youth of today.

Third Eye Blind’s debut album — the only one with any recognizable hits, including “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Jumper” — was released in 1997. Their music was clogging the airways when I was in high school; they annoyed me in college; and now, more than five years after I graduated, they’re still getting paid to sneer in front of kids who weren’t even born when the band was founded?

This is not just a Third Eye Blind problem. A couple years ago, Johns Hopkins’ Spring Fair paid good money to another dumb band from the early 1990s, Everclear, whose frontman is 50 years old. At their parties, these kids still rock out to Offspring, Sugar Ray, and Green Day. Don’t these kids have any culture of their own? Are washed-up, middle-aged dudes trying to convince people that they’re still “alternative” really the best that tuition dollars can buy?