Community Detox Yoga Workshop at Charm City Yoga

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Detox Yoga

catch of the day fish (2)Your body is a temple. You know that. But life gets busy, time gets scarce, and the next thing you know, your temple has been filled to overflowing with gas station treats, take-out meals, all manner of deep-fried-who-knows-what. And it seems that the temple hasn’t hired a regular custodian in years. Hmm. Time to call in Marissa Walch from Charm City Yoga. Marissa is an expert at getting the baddies out and the good habits (and energy) in. This Sunday, at Charm City Yoga’s Midtown location, you can join Marissa for an afternoon of total detox—focusing on everything from asanas (poses) to self care to clean eating.

This special community workshop will focus on the benefits of detox yoga which include: stress reduction, weight loss, improved digestion, increased blood circulation, improved lymphatic function, improved glandular function, increased flexibility and a real sense of freedom within the body. There will be a short asana practice during the workshop, so some yoga experience is helpful (though not absolutely necessary). Besides the poses, Marissa will teach self-massage techniques, juicing and smoothie recipes, and pranayama techniques to heat the body. Can we sign up for like, a double serving?

Charm City Yoga’s community detox yoga workshop takes place this Sunday, May 18th from1pm-3pm. It will be held at Charm City Yoga’s Midtown location at 107 E. Preston Street in Baltimore.For more information, or to sign up, visit

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