Heather Mizeur is running to represent Maryland’s 1st Congressional District. Photo by John Lee/WYPR.

Heather Mizeur recently dropped in on the Long Green Volunteer Fire Company’s weekly food truck night in Glen Arm in Northeast Baltimore County, the last stop in a day of campaigning for the Democrat who is running to unseat Andy Harris in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District seat. Mizeur was explaining her support for abortion rights and contrasting that with Harris, who supports a national ban on aborting a fetus with a heartbeat.

“As lovers of freedom here in this district, there’s no greater freedom than being able to make your own decision about what to do with your body,” she said.

Then the fire company’s siren went off and Mizeur rolled with it.

“Duty calls, duty calls,” Mizeur said. “When you’re at the volunteer fire department’s food truck night, the fires don’t stop.”

Mizeur said for her, duty called and she started considering running for Congress when Harris opposed formal certification of President Joe Biden’s electoral college victory on January 6, 2021.

She calls Harris an extremist.

Congressman Harris declined to be interviewed for this story.

Mizeur is trying to convince voters in the mostly rural, conservative 1st Congressional District to give a Democrat a shot in Congress. Mizeur is trying to unseat the six-term congressman by running a campaign she said is about unifying rather than dividing voters.

Mizeur recounted a house party she recently had in Cecil County with a room full of Republicans and Independents. She said it was contentious at first.

“By the way I handled myself and engaged with them, by the end of the night they were like wow, you’re brave, you’re courageous, you’re tough, you gave us things to think about, and it brought the temperature of the room down,” Mizeur said.

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