Corn Maze Dedicated to Larry Hogan’s Battle With Cancer

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via Lawyer's Farm/Facebook
via Lawyer’s Farm/Facebook

The annual corn maze at Lawyer’s Farm in Thurmont is dedicated to the governor this year.

Cornstalks were expertly shaped to form the likeness of Larry Hogan sits atop the maze design, while the slogan #HoganStrong anchors the design, referencing Hogan’s battle with cancer. By the way, that’s going pretty well. Hogan told the Washington Post’s Ovetta Wiggins on Tuesday that he is 95 percent cancer free.

But anyway, the corn maze. Lawyer’s Farm has a different maze every year. A team descends upon the farm using GPS mounted to a tractor. This year’s maze opens Sept. 19.

While we know Hogan is a lot more popular in the country than the big city these days, Lawyer’s Farm responded to questions about the message on Facebook by saying, “The maze is not intended to be political. We are instead just trying to raise awareness for cancer in a different way and to have successful fundraising events that aren’t conventional.”

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