Cotton Monsters by Jennifer Strunge

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Cotton Monster

catch of the day fish (2)If you’re a regular at Baltimore’s craft fairs, you’ve surely seen (and picked up, and hugged, and maybe even taken home) Jennifer Strunge’s famous Cotton Monsters. These quirky, cuddly works of art are perfect gifts—even for those supposedly too old for stuffed animals. After all, as Strunge notes, despite their squeezability and playful appearances, they’re really soft sculptures—not really meant to be playthings for tiny kids. But they do keep one company and brighten up any living space, and they’ve each got a totally unique character.

Strunge’s work is viewable all over the city. You may have seen her giant-mouthed beast in the back of the Charles movie theater, or her smaller installations for Johns Hopkins’ Charlotte R. Bloomberg Center for children. Whether they’re commissioned works hung on walls, or handheld little creatures meant for hugging, they’re all totally charming and made from recycled and repurposed cotton. And we guarantee they’re all a welcome addition to any household.

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