Cotton Monsters by Jennifer Strunge

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Cotton Monster by Jennifer Strunge Baltimore

So we’ve been through Black Friday and its subsequent shopping weekend. We’ve gotten a good amount of gift-getting out of the way. But the perennial question of, “what do you get for the man/woman/child/inner-child who has everything?” remains. As does the other classic, “what’s handmade, made of recycled, materials, huggable, more cute than scary, one of a kind, and has an unpredictable number of eyes/teeth/arms/legs?” Of course, the answer to both questions is the same:  local artist Jennifer Strunge’s cotton monsters, of course. 

Born and raised right here in Baltimore, Strunge has been designing and handcrafting unique stuffed monsters in her home studio since 2004. Each one is totally unique, since Strunge “sews intuitively”—meaning she doesn’t use a pattern—and uses exclusively recycled fabrics for her creations. The monsters (just like real animals) come in all sizes and varieties: Pentapods, Jellies, Bottomfeeders, Big Monsters, Small Monsters, and more. Strunge is quick to point out that though they are soft and cuddly (trust us, hugging them is pretty irresistible) they truly are soft sculptures, rather than simply playthings. Not that that should deter you from giving one to your favorite youngster—it’s just useful to help justify having one on your own pillow.

For more information about Cotton Monsters, and where to purchase them (including this weekend’s Holiday Heap) visit

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