Crystal Moll Gallery Holiday Show—6 Painters Painting

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Crsytal Moll Gallery Baltimore

Baltimorecatch of the day fish (2) may be known to outsiders as the setting for the less-than-highbrow films of John Waters or as the city with a rich tradition of painted window screens. This is great stuff to be celebrated for sure—but it doesn’t exactly scream “Taste! Sophistication! Art with a capital ‘A’!” But the fact is, we are a fairly cultured city. We’ve got amazing museums, a thriving arts underground, and lately it seems you can’t throw a rock (or a crab-cake for that matter) without hitting a gallery. So during the holiday season, why should we settle for Norman Rockwell-style images of Santa beamed into our city from afar? Why not take in some amazing artwork by local painters that celebrates the holidays in Baltimore?

Tonight, the Crystal Moll Gallery will be hosting the opening for their holiday show, 6 Painters Painting. The event features works by six painters—and much of it features familiar and charming Baltimore landscapes and images. There will be jazz, wine, framing, artist-made gifts (calendars, art tiles and more). Stop by between 6pm and 8pm for merriment, culture, live music, and potentially some last-minute shopping that keeps it close to home.

Crystal Moll Gallery is located at 1030 South Charles Street in Baltimore. The show will be up through January 12th.

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