Cures for Summer Colds and More at Mend Community Acupuncture

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catch of the day fish (2)Acupuncture has been around for literally thousands of years. It’s one of the oldest forms of medical treatment around, and has surged in popularity here in the US in recent years. Some swear by it as a regular part of their wellness regimen, while others go in for help with specific and acute problems. Acupuncture can benefit most everybody, and appointments leave many patients in a blissfully semi-dazed state. So if summer’s heat is starting to wear you down, or you’re coming down with that awful (and oh-so confusing) summer cold—you could do well to pop in for a few minutes under the needle at Mend Community Acupuncture.

Mend really does mean the “Community” part of their name. Their sessions are highly affordable, usually at only $25 a pop. Add to that their monthly deals (which include $15 for artists and musicians for all of July and free sessions for new clients on August 1st) and you’ve got some of the most accessible healthcare around. Also, we love that visits for teens (ages 12-18) are always $15. So if you’ve got a high-strung, stressed out adolescent at home, this could be just what the doctor ordered. And since treatments are offered in a group setting (the way acupuncture is traditionally practiced in Asia), you can make an appointment for yourself, too. Pins for one and all.

Mend Community Acupuncture is located at 1008 W 36th Street in Baltimore. For more information, or to make an appointment, visit

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