For the Love of Flowers: Bringing Dutch Floral Design to Baltimore

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The Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh loved flowers. When his good buddy Paul Gauguin was coming to visit, Vincent quickly set about painting what is now his immortal Sunflowers,  as a decoration to spruce the place up for his guest. He understood flowers’ ability to give a space a bright and welcoming quality, and to let guests know you care. And to this day his floral paintings are some of his most celebrated works, for which he is remembered. But wait… Did Van Gogh have good table manners? Were his personal relationships enviable? Wasn’t there something about an ear? Unimportant. But the sunflowers? The irises? They endure. The lesson here? Bring flowers. The other lesson? Get help from the Dutch.

Paula Dobbe-Maher grew up in the Netherlands surrounded by flowers in her parents’ nursery. Since then, her travels and studies have taken her everywhere from law school in Amsterdam, to pastry chef training in Paris—a rather circuitous route to get to opening one’s own floral business in Baltimore. But we’re oh so glad she did.

Dutch Floral Garden creates custom arrangements for any occasion. And when they say custom, they mean it—no two bouquets are alike, and all of them focus on seasonal blooms and your personal tastes.

Also, they are absolutely stunning. Dobbe-Maher’s artistic eye (and the fact that she grew up around flowers) is evident in every bouquet—it’s clear that the work is done by hand and individually designed each time.

So whether you’re looking for a simple gift to bring your Thanksgiving hostess, or a centerpiece large enough to block your view of that family member you were obligated to invite for Christmas, Dutch Floral Garden can absolutely accommodate.

Dutch Floral Garden is located in Belvedere Square at 515 East Belvedere Ave in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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  1. Just the best floral designer of Baltimore. Her taste is exquisite and rich. Her gifts in the shop are so different from others. You just have to visit the boutique. Fresh flowers and great taste!

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