Dan Deacon Gives a Tiny Desk Concert, Turns Office Into Dance Party

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Dan Deacon Tiny Desk Concert
Via NPR.org

Finally. All Songs Considered‘s Bob Boilen welcomed Baltimore’s own Dan Deacon, a table of gear, and a MIDI-fed player piano to into his NPR office for a “Tiny Desk Concert.”

The audio and video from the 23-minute performance was uploaded yesterday, along with some praise from Boilen: “Sometime years from now I may be asked: What was your favorite day at NPR? I am likely to say it’s the day Dan Deacon got the NPR staff worked up into a giant dance party!”

Highlights include:

+ the player piano kicking off “Feel the Lightning.”
+ a dance contest about eight minutes in, led by Baltimoreans Justin Lucas and Jennifer Mizgata.
+ that weird twitchy thing Deacon does with his hand (and the weird twitchy things he does with the rest of him) that you can only notice when he isn’t being mobbed by a swarm of sweaty twenty-somethings.
+ a group interpretive dance about 16-and-a-half minutes in.

If you’re bummed out about the weather or anything else, this is all pretty restorative. Check it out.

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