Das Bier Haus Is Already Planning to Expand

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Das Bier Haus
Image via dasbierhaus21230.com

Apparently, customers have an issue with the recently opened Das Bier Haus: “The number one complaint we receive is that it’s too busy,” co-owner Nate McKinney told SouthBMore.com.

The amount of business the restaurant, with its sausage-centric menu and German beers on tap, has been doing in the first six months of its existence has already got its owners talking expansion. According to SouthBMore.com, Das Bier Haus is about to double its square footage by taking over the currently vacant second floor.

They’ve also renovated the air-conditioning system to allow them to close more windows, and keep more of that noisy happiness inside during Happy Hour.

As if that weren’t enough, Das Bier Haus catering is expected to launch soon, for when your party needs some schnitzel in the wurst way.


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