Date Night at Baltimore Clayworks

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Clay for Two

catch of the day fish (2)Okay. We admit it. What caught our eye (and hooked us) re: this event was of course the picture posted next to it in the Baltimore Fun Guide. Demi Moore. Patrick Swayze. That scene. Does your memory really need further jogging? If you’ve ever imagined that maybe you could somehow fit into that picture, but wouldn’t know where to begin, Date Night at Baltimore Clayworks is probably a pretty good (and safe) place to start. After all—that scene in Ghost? Super sexy. Getting clay all over the place, becoming frustrated with your partner, your work of art, and yourself? Not so much. So, as with many things, a little guidance from the pros probably wouldn’t hurt.

Tonight, for three hours, Baltimore Clayworks offers Clay for Two—an experience that can bring people closer through shared creative art-making (read: getting all messy and muddy together). Couples will experience this class taught by a professional and patient teacher who will guide you through methods of centering and shaping clay forms on the potter’s wheel. Students may select glaze finishes for pieces from the studio’s selection of oxidation or reduction color palette (we’re sure that’ll make sense one the professional and patient teacher explains the difference). Participants may bring a bottle of wine or light hors d’ oeuvres to complete the experience. That sounds pretty good, but we’re hoping that someone really complete the experience by bringing Whoopi Goldberg, too.

Clay for Two takes place tonight, Friday, May 17th at Baltimore Clayworks in Mt. Washington. Price is $90 per couple. For more information, and to book yourselves a slot, visit

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