DC Mayor Tells Residents to Boycott Eastern Shore of Md.

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Andy Harris of Md.'s Eastern Shore
If this is aimed at D.C., I think he’s invoking the original meaning of that gesture.

Last week, Rep. Andy Harris (Md.) tacked an amendment on a House budget bill that would effectively destroy D.C.’s decriminalization of marijuana. In response, Mayor Vincent C. Gray called for a boycott of vacation spots in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District including Ocean City and St. Michaels.

Harris’s amendment is a particularly opportunistic jerk move, when you consider that city whose law he’s overturning has no Congressional voice.

In response to Gray’s call for a boycott, Harris pretended not to understand the point of decriminalization, saying, “Spending the weekend on the beautiful, family friendly Eastern Shore is more important than increasing drug use by D.C. teenagers.”

For her part, Worcester County tourism director Lisa Challenger hopes that disgruntled Washingtonians find “a better way to hit Andy Harris where he’s going to feel it,” one that doesn’t involve withholding business from Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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  1. That’s kind of the way boycotts are supposed to work. His district is boycotted, his constituents lose money, they complain and/or don’t vote for him again. I’m absolutely on board.

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