Del. Frank M. Conaway, Jr. Just Deleted 54 INSANE YouTube Videos

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Frank M. Conaway
Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr. Photo via Wikipedia.

I guess he didn’t want to spread the message quite that far. A state delegate from Baltimore in his third term, Frank M. Conaway, Jr., had uploaded more than 50 digressive first-person videos to YouTube with titles like “talking horse,” “what rabbits eggs,” “conaway globe,” and “is that you me.” In them, he discusses theories about Ancient Egyptian art, Christian eschatology, and evolution, among other topics.

He told the Baltimore Sun that he made the videos “to spread the knowledge that I have,” knowledge that he has also collected into a book titled Christian Kundalini Science- Proof of the Soul- Cryptogram Solution of Egyptian Stela 55001- & Opening the Hood of Ra, which presumably contains all the stuff he couldn’t fit into Trapezium Giza Pyramid Artificial Black Hole Theory, itself built on ideas he developed in Baptist Gnostic Christian Eubonic Kundalinion Spiritual Ki Do Hermeneutic Metaphysics: The Word: Hermeneutics.

But after the Sun published the article on Conaway’s videos, all 54 were deleted.

Now, all of this stuff sounds pretty wild in itself, but to me the most unbelievable thing is that Conaway also has a diet book, The 20 Pennies a Day Diet Plan. Why do they always get into weight-loss?


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