Democrats Bring 2016 Presidential Campaign to Maryland

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bernie-sanders-hillary-clintonMaryland’s primary is only a few weeks away. On the Democratic side, the mayor’s race has attracted a lot of attention locally. In the presidential race, it’s been unclear whether there would still be much of a race by the time the primary train rolled around. But Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are showing signs of paying attention to the state, with Baltimore as a key locale.

Hillary Clinton will be in Baltimore campaigning this weekend. According to WBAL-TV, the former secretary of state is set to headline a rally at City Garage in Port Covington. The Sunday event is being called a “grassroots organizing event.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders officially opened an office in town last week. That followed a big march and a few organizational meetings.

Despite the attention, Maryland won’t be the focal point for the presidential candidates. Maryland is one of four states with primaries on April 26.

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