DeRay Mckesson Arrested in Baton Rouge

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Black Lives Matter activist, former Baltimore mayoral candidate, and Baltimore City schools’ interim head of human capital DeRay Mckesson was arrested Saturday night while protesting police violence in Baton Rouge.

Mckesson was one of more than 200 protesters arrested after taking to the streets to protest the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot by police outside a convenience in the Louisiana city on July 5.

Witnesses told Bustle that Mckesson was tackled by police officers after he began filming them. Just prior, Mckesson received a verbal warning to stay out of the road. (Mckesson then pointed his camera at the ground to show that he was standing in the shoulder and not in a traffic lane.)

Mckesson was charged with Simple Obstruction of a Highway of Commerce, according to the Washington Post, charges which had not been dropped as of his release on bond Sunday afternoon.

McKesson called his arrest and the arrest of other protesters who were not blocking traffic “unlawful.”




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  1. I guess it’s asking too much for a city employee to, you know, do his job (even if that job is just a bit of political patronage) instead of traveling the country getting arrested. If you want to be an activist, please do it on your own time and expense.

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