‘Destination Restaurant’ Coming to Federal Hill

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2 East Wells 2

Federal Hill’s 2 East Wells will be getting an “exciting” new restaurant in the near future.

Plenty is still unknown, but a lease has been signed, according to SouthBMore.com. The owner of the industrial-chic, mixed-use building told SouthBMore’s Kevin Lynch that the new eatery will be a “destination restaurant” with a “well-known chef and a manager from a popular local restaurant.”

While the details are nonexistent, there’s reason to trust the decisions of the 2 East Wells team. The building maintains a 100-percent Recommended rating at apartmentratings.com. So it seems they tend to do right by their residents since they opened in 2015.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more soon. Right now it’s like playing Baltimore food-scene Mad Libs.




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