Diablo Doughnuts

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catch of the day fish (2)Here’s yet another example of Baltimore’s increasing epicurean-ness. We’ve got a seriously gourmet old fashioned (yet hip) doughnut shop. We used to have to travel either up or down I-95 for a crazy-flavored doughnut (you know, something like maple & bacon, jalepeno-lime, or fruity pebbles). But no longer. Diablo Doughnuts have been cranking out hot, fresh, and thoughtfully flavored doughnuts for over a year now from deep in the heart of Towson (who knew, right?).

Since we’re always fans of farmers markets anyway, we like to snag a Diablo Doughnut at the Fells Point Farmers Market. If you’re looking for doughnuts for more than just yourself, you can place an order for a massive quantity, but beware: these guys are blowing up (and rightly so), so order well in advance. It seems that lately everyone wants to get their hands on one. And why not? Especially with a Ravens-themed doughnut (that’s getting rave reviews from customers), and a pumpkin cream-filled, they’ve got fall covered. And they even take suggestions via their Facebook page. Our suggestion: more, please.

Diablo Doughnuts is located at 11 Allegheny in Towson. For more information, visit www.diablodoughnuts.com

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