Dishcrawl Around the Harbor

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catch of the day fish (2)“As Fall comes rolling in, what better way to say farewell to Summer than one last stroll along the harbor?” That’s the take from the folks at Dishcrawl Baltimore regarding their upcoming event—a Dishcrawl that winds its way around Baltimore’s famous waterfront (and we don’t mean just the Inner Harbor). Never heard of a Dishcrawl before? Well, you may not be alone, but you’re definitely missing out. Basically, think of a pub crawl, but instead of overt public drunkenness, you get pleasant company, fresh air, and amazing food from some of the city’s best local restaurants. Coming Wednesday, September 25: Dishcrawl Baltimore, Waterfront Edition.

While Dishcrawl isn’t leaking the names of the restaurants they’ll feature this month (“everyone loves a surprise, they tell us) we feel pretty confident that no one will be disappointed with the picks. After all, the harbor is home to some of Baltimore’s best eateries (particularly when it comes to seafood), and judging by the restaurants they’ve chosen for past events, these people know how to pick ‘em. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind dining adventure—perfect for allaying the “but we just ate there last weeeeek” whines.  Plus, with the weather just beginning to change, what better time for an evening stroll, and a chance to appreciate the waterfront before the chill starts to set in.

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