Done With Your Christmas Tree? Here’s How It Can Keep on Giving

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Rescued Barn Owl in Maryland State Park Aviary
Rescued Barn Owl in Maryland State Park 

Regifting is a beloved holiday tradition that frees us from the guilt of unwanted gifts. When it comes to Christmas trees, you don’t have to wait for next year’s white elephant to regift them to the Earth.

You can always put out your Christmas tree on the curb for collection. The City began collecting trees this week, and will continue through Jan. 29. Leave the trees out on regularly scheduled trash collecting day.

But if you want to return your locally grown and cut tree to the place from whence it came, Baltimore has a couple of options for Christmas tree recycling:

The City Will Mulch It Trees can become food for plants when they’re ready to come out again. From Jan. 2-30, the city is offering mulching services at Reedbird Senior Citizen Center (701 Reedbird Avenue). You can redeem the mulch for your garden, but be sure to bring a bag to carry it away.

Rescue Birds Will Perch On It This requires a longer journey, but has a potentially more soaring payoff. Maryland State Parks’ Scales and Tales program are collecting pines for use as bird habitat. The trees are used in aviaries in six state parks, where wounded bald eagles and kestrels need a sense of living in nature during recovery. Check out a list of parks.


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