Dooby’s + Blacksauce Kitchen Pop-Up Dinner

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catch of the day fish (2)So we’re not allowed to make Dooby’s Coffee an official “Catch of the Day” yet, because it’s still not completely open (it’s open pop-up style around the corner from what will be soon be its permanent location). But in the meantime, we’re just bubbling over with excitement about this new coffee shop that has magically anticipated (and accommodated) everything we’re looking for in an establishment. It opens early. It closes late. They’ve got coffee and beer and wine. It has delicious treats. It has wi-fi. And the owners clearly also have good taste, because they’re already teaming up with Blacksauce Kitchen for a pop-up dinner event on Thursday, September 12.

You may recognize Blacksauce Kitchen from the long lines of salivating customers at farmer’s markets, all waiting to get their biscuits and biscuit sandwiches every weekend. But they put that smoker to plenty of good use, and do dinner just fine as well. If you want a sample (and the opportunity to sit at a table while enjoying your Blacksauce delicacies), make your reservations now for the dinner at Dooby’s on September 12. The $35 ticket price gets you an entrée and two sides from Blacksauce (and yes, they have vegetarian options) as well as dessert from Dooby’s (homemade fig compote swirled ice cream sandwich, anyone?), and two (two!) craft beers. Can these people do anything not totally perfectly? It’s actually a little eerie, because once Dooby’s officially opens, it’s going to be hard to think of reasons that we would ever have to leave.

For more information about the pop-up dinner event, or to make reservations, visit

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