Dooby’s Coffee is Open!

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catch of the day fish (2)So, we introduced the idea of Dooby’s a month or two ago, when they started having pop-up events in anticipation of their actual, real-life opening. But now they’re totally open and have everything (seriously, everything) that you could want in a coffee shop. Finally, a place where we can read our Jane Austen novels (note the not-too-dim lighting) while sipping a craft beer on tap that we got as part of a happy hour special. Or a place where you can surf the web early in the morning, and enjoy an amazing breakfast sandwich besides.

Seriously, the folks running this place have clearly thought it through. That’s starting with everything from the interior design, to the menu, pastries, beer offerings, and nice long hours that let you linger, work, meet, and relax over a great cup of joe whenever you feel like it. Oh, and did we mention Sticky Bun Sunday? Yup. It’s basically what it sounds like—except if you get there too late it’s more like “wish you’d made it out of bed early enough to snag a sticky bun Sunday.” But luckily, Dooby’s is now open for good—so there’s always next week.

Dooby’s is located at 802 N Charles Street in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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