Dope Body’s ‘The End’ was not the end after all; August show announced

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A still from “Dope Body: The End.”

Three years ago when Dope Body called it quits, the local noise rock band wrote a Facebook post that made the decision sound pretty final.

“This is The End. Thank you for all the support over the years, it’s been a wild ride…”

A documentary capturing the band’s final two Baltimore performances came out last year, taking its name, “Dope Body: The End,” from that very same post.

An ending, however, it was not.

Dope Body announced today the band is getting back together for an Aug. 2 show at the Metro Gallery, along with the experimental music duo Wume and hardcore group Pearl. Tickets are on sale now.

The four-piece is also playing a show in Brooklyn on Aug. 3.

Don’t take the above references to those final shows and the band’s proclamation as some sort of “gotcha.” In its eight-year run, Dope Body played a raw, sweaty, bruising style of rock that was harsh-yet-cathartic, and the group’s physical stage presence–particularly contorting, head-banging frontman Andrew Laumann–made them one of the best live acts in town. So it’s cool that they’re coming back.

As for why this is all happening now, all the band had to share on social media this time around was this simple message: “don’t call it a comeback…” It was punctuated with a winking emoji.

Brandon Weigel

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Brandon Weigel

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