Eco-Exploring at Ladew Gardens

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catch of the day fish (2)Events at Ladew tend to sell out quickly, so we say get in on this one while there’s still time. Ladew Gardens, that incredible topiary and nature center in our own backyard has started a series called Eco-Explorers. And it’s the perfect time of year for it, too. This series examines aspects of natural science through hands-on exploration and classroom learning as well. Participants will learn different aspects of natural exploration and then get outside to put these new skills to use! On Sunday, June 14th, the series’ special guest will be Dr. Brian Masters, a professor at Towson. Dr. Masters will be teaching about scales, scutes, and skins: in other words, our wriggly animal friends who share our environment with us, but whom we may not know much about. Participants will be encouraged to pursue their own questions and interests within the context of the workshop– after all, curiosity is half the fun!

Ladew Gardens is located at 3535 Jarrettsville Pike in Monkton. The next Eco-Explorers day is Sunday, June 14th. To reserve a spot, or for more information, visit

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