Edward Snowden Is Watching ‘The Wire’ in Russia

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Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden’s interview with Brian Williams was filled with interesting reveals from the exiled NSA whistleblower, but the one that got my attention was Snowden’s TV-viewing habits. He told Williams he’s been spending his exile in Russia watching The Wire, which he described as a show “about surveillance.” He added: “Second season’s not so great.”

Robert J. Terry over at the Washington Business Journal rebutted that assessment (shared by many Wire fans), explaining why he thinks the second season, which focuses on the Port of Baltimore, presents one of the series’ more interesting arcs.

What may be surprising — and I wonder if it’s known to Snowden — is that despite the apparent ideological affinity the former low-level systems administrator spy feels for the show, The Wire creator David Simon is less than outraged by what Snowden’s whistleblowing revealed about the NSA’s data-collection practices. Simon outlined his view on the NSA’s blanket collection of telecommunication metadata — which is that it should have been expected and barely qualifies as news — in a post on his blog which featured the words “bloviators” and “jeremiads.”


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