Eight Types of Ouzo at (where else?) Ouzo Bay

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Ouzo Bay

catch of the day fish (2)Admittedly, we here at Catch of the Day have what you could call a sensitive palate. Or maybe you could call it immature (pasta with butter and salt, anyone?) So the first time we were offered ouzo, we were hesitant. The anise-flavored liqueur, particularly popular in Greece and the kitchens of Greek Americans, pulls no punches. The flavor is intense, and what some might call an acquired taste. But you know how it is when a friend has already poured glasses for the two of you, raised his, and begun his toast with, “to my great-great-grandfather, who brought this very bottle of ouzo with him on the boat when he left his homeland, only to arrive in penniless in America…” This is a situation when you can’t get away with clandestinely pouring it into the nearest house plant. But then—amazingly, the stuff is really pretty interesting. And maybe worth having another shot of…and then maybe another…

Ouzo Bay is a posh new restaurant and bar serving fine Greek food and really fine drinks. The bar specializes in an extensive selection of ouzos, as well as small-batch spirits you may be more familiar with. If you’re already an ouzo convert (or have genetically inherited a love of the stuff), then making a reservation at Ouzo Bay should certainly be at the top of your “To Do This Week” week. If you’ve never tried the stuff, Ouzo Bay definitely provides the perfect setting in which to do so. After all, if none of their eight ouzos do it for you, we guarantee that the remarkably fresh, and elegantly prepared seafood will.

Ouzo Bay is located at 1000 Lancaster St. in Baltimore. Reservations recommended. Visit www.ouzobay.com for more information.

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