End of the World Party at Heavy Seas Brewing

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Heavy Seas Party

catch of the day fish (2)Well guys, we made it. Today is, as everyone by now knows, the end of the world. Congratulations all around and see you in the afterlife. It’s been real. So far, though, I have to say that the Apocalypse looks remarkably (or perhaps more appropriately, unremarkably) like any other day. The post-end-of-the-world looks a lot like everything that came before it. But maybe I’m not feeling at my most imaginative. Or maybe I have in fact lost my imagination and that itself is the first horseman of the Apocalpyse?! Oh, it is good that the end is nigh. And how to celebrate? There are of course a few options available to anyone looking to go out in style tonight. Our pick is the 2012 party at Heavy Seas Brewing.

Why? The folks at Heavy Seas (and maybe this should be obvious, since they run a brewery) have planned an end-of-the-world affair that reflects what you really want when there’s no tomorrow: booze, comfort food, sugar, and all the Dionysian permission to fully indulge in all of it. Heavy Seas’ party will of course have the locally brewed beer flowing, as well as food provided by Grr…Che (remember their insane sandwich that features lobster and macaroni and cheese together between bread?). If that’s not enough to satisfy your need to say “screw it, the world is ending, I do what I want,” you can walk right over to the top-your-own-donut bar and go nuts. Admission comes with a souvenir pint glass (not that you’ll need it ever again). There will also be live music as well from Carrie and the Dirty Pillow and Dirty Secret—which makes this party sound so appropriately dirty for our last night on Earth.

Heavy Seas Brewery is located at 4615 Hollins Ferry Rd in Halethorpe. For tickets and more information, visit www.hsbeer.com. Please note: this party is only for those 21 and over.

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