Introducing E.N. Olivier

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When you see the digital fish, you’ll know it’s a Catch of the Day!

It’s hard to keep a secret in this town—especially when it’s a good one, and especially when it involves the epicurean arts. And when it comes to out-foodie-ing your foodiest friends (and aren’t we all trying just a little bit?) you’ve got to have a trick up your sleeve.

Might we suggest that before hosting your next dinner party that you make the trek to E.N. Olivier?  It’s a brand new (July 2012) food boutique that “cordially invites you to experience the finest flavors of the highest quality olive oils, vinegars and artisan pantry products.”

The shelves are lined with only the most picturesque  containers full of artisan oil, vinegar, jam, and other products available exclusively at E.N. Olivier. The store’s Facebook page regularly provides visitors with fantastic recipes and serving suggestions, and the counters are practically overflowing with tasty samples. Do you really need to wait until your next dinner party for a visit?

E.N. Olivier is located at 1407 Clarkview Rd, Suite 300, Baltimore, MD. Learn more on Facebook.

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