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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
7:00pm – 8:30pm | FREE!
The Ivy Bookshop, 6080 Falls Road

Join award-winning national security expert David E. Sanger when he comes to The Ivy tomorrow night, May 8 at 7 p.m. to discuss “Obama’s secret wars and surprising use of American power.”

Confront and Conceal depicts an administration that came to office with the world on fire.

Inside the White House Situation Room, the newly elected Barack Obama immerses himself in the details of a remarkable new American capability to launch cyberwar against Iran – and escalates covert operations to delay the day when Iran could obtain a nuclear weapon. Over the next three years, Obama accelerates drone attacks as an alternative to putting troops on the ground in Pakistan, and becomes increasingly reliant on the Special Forces, whose hunting of al-Qaeda illuminates the path out of an unwinnable war in Afghanistan. He dispatches an emergency search team to the Gulf when the White House briefly fears the Taliban may have obtained a nuclear weapon, but he rejects a plan in late 2011 to send in Special Forces to recover a stealth drone that went down in Iran. He overrules his advisers and takes the riskiest path in killing Osama bin Laden, and ignores their advice when he helps oust Hosni Mubarak from the presidency of Egypt.

The president has also pivoted American foreign policy away from the attritional wars of the past decade, attempting to preserve America’s influence with a lighter, defter touch – all while focusing on a new era of diplomacy in Asia and reconfiguring America’s role during a time of economic turmoil and austerity.

As the world seeks to understand whether there is an Obama Doctrine, Confront and Conceal provides a fascinating, unflinching account of these complex years, in which the president and his administration have found themselves struggling to stay ahead in a world where power is diffuse and America’s ability to exert control grows ever more elusive.

About the Author:

David E. Sanger is the chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times and bestselling author of The Inheritance. He has been a member of two teams that won the Pulitzer Prize and has received numerous awards for coverage of the presidency and national security policy. He also teaches national security policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Join David Sanger at The Ivy Bookshop, 6080 Falls Road, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8. For more information, visit The Ivy Bookshop website.