Rooted in the teachings of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Notre Dame Preparatory School has provided transformational education to young girls for almost 150 years. The institution is steeped in history, but always looking towards the future. New for the 2023-2024 school year, NDP has expanded its Middle Level Honors Program as well as its Gateway Merit and Talent Awards to offer greater opportunities to incoming sixth graders.

Notre Dame’s Middle Level delivers an unmatched education for its students in grades 6-8. Girls experience classes that encourage them to think like leaders and challenge them academically. Programs that nurture their faith, strengthen self-acceptance, and foster sisterhood enhance the student experience. With the student always in mind, NDP’s Middle Level expanded its honors-level placement classes in English and math for those who demonstrate an advanced understanding of those subjects.

“Pursuing academic excellence is at the heart of NDP’s mission and the expanded Honors Program will offer Middle Level students another opportunity to reach their own personal potential,” explains JoMarie Tolj, Middle Level director. Ultimately, NDP’s Middle Level provides outstanding preparation for high school, which focuses on opportunities and preparation for college success and beyond.

As its mission states, Notre Dame Prep is a school “where girls become women who transform the world.” To allow more access to that experience, new and expanded financial awards are available to incoming sixth-grade students starting with the 2023-2024 school year. Among these awards include the Middle Level NDP General Scholarship, the Middle Level Gateway Academic Achievement Award, and the NDP Middle Level Saddle Shoe Award. Additionally, NDP is thrilled to announce talent awards in Creative Writing and STEAM in the Middle Level.

Since 1873 Notre Dame Prep has led the way for transformational education for girls. As higher education costs rise, over $33 million in college merit scholarships were awarded to NDP’s class of 2022. While it was recently reported that national ACT scores plummeted to 19.9, NDP students in last year’s graduating class scored an average of 28.8. Currently, NDP is adding classes, expanding financial affordability, and continuing to build the next generation of women leaders. If you or your daughter is interested in learning what she can be at NDP, please visit the school webpage:

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