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For those who treasure time spent outdoors (particularly in our own backyards), this can either be the best time of year or the worst. Worst, of course, because just as the little crocuses and daffodils start popping their heads out of the ground, here comes yet another snow storm. Right? But on the other hand, spring and summer really are right around the corner, and full of promise and potential. And before you know it, we’ll be lounging on the porch and eating home grown tomatoes by the basketful. I promise. And so it’s right around this time that the demand for talented landscape designers peaks. Particularly those with the (well deserved) reputation of Brenton Landscape Architecture.


Everyone wants their own little corner of the world to make the most of the surrounding outdoors as possible. Whether you’re in a contained city lot or in the country with space to spread out, it’s important that the outdoors of your home suit your lifestyle as much as the inside of your home does. Particularly for those who’ve chosen a home based on its natural surroundings, making the most of a setting often requires vision and guidance from the pros. Brenton works with clients to dream up the ideal outdoor living space (and a reasonable schedule for creating it)—and then makes it a stunning reality.

Brenton has been creating outdoor spaces for over 20 years—so they’ve absolutely done it all. They bring in-depth knowledge of local soils and climate, and the characteristics of native plant species to every project. Their work is about designing beautiful places that invite people to fully use and enjoy the natural setting that they’ve chosen for their home. A particularly stunning example is this lakeside home in suburban Philadelphia. Here, Brenton truly created a landscape for outdoor living. The process began in March of 2011.


The first phase of the project included the expansion of an existing deck overlooking the lake, a mid-level terrace with a hot tub, and a connecting stairway. During this phase, the designers also included foundation plantings and improvements to existing ground level terraces. With the planting of a gorgeous perennial garden, the yard is now visited by all manner of birds and butterflies—bringing extra splashes of color and beauty to an already lovely spot. A mature Japanese maple tree was even relocated to frame the building corner.

The home already enjoyed a spectacular lake view, so the goal was really to preserve (and even enhance) the view, while creating an inviting space that would draw the family (and guests, of course!) to spend more time outside, really appreciating the setting.

The cable railing preserves lake views

Designing an extension to the deck, Brenton specified a cable railing to preserve lake views

The second phase of the project involved renovation of a poorly constructed retaining wall bordering the front entry court. To soften the visual impact of the wall, it was pitched back into the slope and planting pockets were introduced. Reconstruction of the wall and new plantings were completed in June of last year.

New planting pockets in wall 
Existing condition parking court, April 2011
BEFORE PHOTO of parking court, April 2011. The wall was reconstructed and the azaleas transplanted to a location better suited to their habit of growth. 

Though each year gardens come and go with the seasons, a well designed landscape lasts year, after year, after year. As do the beauty of gardens so thoughtfully planted, and the treasured memories and quality of life that a truly splendid outdoor setting can offer.

Appreciation for a job well done
Appreciation for a job well done

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