Far Infrared Saunas and More at Vita Revive

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catch of the day fish (2)Today’s Catch is brought to you by the department of Dear God It’s So Cold. While we love an exciting sale, amazing dinner specials, and all the fab cultural offerings that make Baltimore the best, when it’s this deep, dark and wintry, it can be kind of hard to leave the house. Unless of course you know you’re getting right into the car and heading straight to the warmest, most relaxing place around. And where might that be? In our book, it’s Vita Revive, the organic wellness spa that has all the amenities to warm you up from the inside out and hit “reset” on your winter tolerance level.

Vita Revive is great for all the usual spa-licious stuff we love. They’ve got massages, facials, waxing, and the like. But the reason we’re lining up this week is their far infrared sauna which uses soothing, dry infrared heat to penetrates into the body’s core, resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat all the way from the cellular level. Add to that a trip to the Russian steam cabinet, and you’ve got yourself a powerful package to beat the deep freeze. If you feel like you deserve a special something extra (maybe you didn’t get that Valentine’s Day gift you’d been subtly hinting at), treat yourself to one of their complete packages– including the Peruvian Chocolate package (yes, please!) or the Dead Sea Arabian Renewal Package. Each comes with a number or treatments, including time in the sauna. Go for the day and come home feeling hot.

Vita Revive Wellness & Spa is located at 2160 E. Joppa RD. Suite # 102 in
Parkville. For more information, or o book an appointment, visit www.vitarevive.com

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