Federal Hill Historic Ghost Tours

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Federal Hill Historic Ghost Tours in Baltimore

We’ve all had the experience at this point. You’ve just finished cleaning up from your Labor Day barbecue.  You go the grocery store to pick up rations for the coming work week, and suddenly there’s a giant pumpkin display right there in front of the glass doors. What happened to the pool toys and sand-castle supplies that were there yesterday? Even if the weather says differently, Fall has come and Halloween is just around the corner.

As Halloween enthusiasts, we recommend that you ease yourself into the season with a Federal Hill Historic Ghost Tour. It’s the perfect way to get into the spirit (or maybe even in touch with the spirits) of Halloween. The one-hour tour gets you on your feet, walking the historic streets of Federal Hill on cobblestones and asphalt, winding through local tales of murder, betrayal, and the eyes that watch us from the walls. For any skeptics you might have brought along, the tour guides also discuss the science and techniques involved in ghost-hunting—guaranteeing that even if you don’t leave the tour a believer, you might at least leave slightly more afraid of the dark.

Historic Federal Hill Ghost Tours begin at Scarborough Fair Bed & Breakfast (801 S. Charles St.). Tours must be booked 48 hours in advance. You can call 1-877-954-2747 to make a reservation. Adults are $15, Children 12 and under $10.

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