Feds: Six Flags Security Guard Posed as Real Cop, Robbed Prostitutes

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A Maryland man who worked as a security guard at Six Flags America agreed to plead guilty Wednesday to charges that he robbed and sexually assaulted prostitutes. U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein’s office reports that 19-year-old Ajibola Erogbogbo set up “dates” with five prostitutes while posing as a police officer on the “human trafficking unit.”

The case dates back to January, 2014. Over two months, Erogbogbo answered online ads for three separate prostitutes, and arranged for meetings at a hotel in Linthicum Heights. He met some of the prostitutes more than once.

The meetings follow mostly the same pattern: The women arrived, and found Erogbogbo in the hotel room wearing a police vest, a badge and carrying a gun. At least one prostitute said he also carried a radio, and would speak into it. When the women arrived, he would claim to be placing them under arrest and handcuff them. Then, he took out the gun and robbed them.

On one night, a woman texted another prostitute working in the hotel. The second prostitute came to the room only to be placed in handcuffs. Neither, however, had any money.

When one woman was contacted about a date, she had another prostitute hide in the hotel closet. Erogbogbo came in and displayed his badge. The other woman emerged from the closet, but he placed them both in handcuffs and stole their money. At the end, he had the women write down their phones numbers, and told the women to call him if they needed any help from police.

In February, Erogbogbo deviated from his pattern. After the woman entered the room, he told her the only way to avoid being arrested was to have sex with him. Erogbogbo got in touch again the next day. But this time, he found the real police in the lobby and ended up the one in handcuffs.

Upon searching Erogbogbo, police discovered the badge was from Six Flags, and the weapon he carried was a BB gun.

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