Fireside Chat with Mark and Jonathan

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Fireside Chat

catch of the day fish (2)This Friday night, why not settle in for something a little calm and cozy? Alright, maybe not that calm and cozy. The Fireside Chat with Mark & Jonathan is described as Ed Sullivan meets Johnny Carson. But we would add—with a 21st century twist. That is, it’s not your grandpa’s fireside chat. This sort of Vaudeville-talkshow mash-up features amazing people who do amazing things (and they’ll even do some of those amazing things right before your eyes). But not only do you get to witness such feats, you get to have a nice chat with them about it, too.  Mark Hayward and Jonathan Burns host this interactive evening of great performances, including one from magician David London. London’s been called, “our favorite mad genius magician” by the Washington Post,  and just looking at his box of tricks is enough to entice this writer into the theater. Burlesque dancer Maria Bella will also perform, as well as musical comedy duo The Sweater Set. After each act, the performers will sit down for a little chat by the fire, which we really hope it will be permanently too warm for by then.

Fireside Chat with Mark & Jonathan takes place this Friday, March 28th at the Creative Alliance. For more information or to reserve tickets, visit

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