First Fridays and Valentine’s Day Deals in Hampden

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Modest Florist

catch of the day fish (2)It seems like just yesterday that we were strolling (or maybe more like pacing) up and down the Avenue hunting for holiday gifts for our loved ones. Now, Just a scant several weeks later, Valentines Day is upon us. But in our book, that’s just another excuse to come out for Hampden’s First Fridays, which are reliably brimming with great deals, delicious treats, and some of the most fun window shopping in the city. One great reason to step out for this First Friday: the Valentines Day sale at the Modest Florist.

We love the Modest Florist for a few reasons—but mostly it’s their “locavore” style. The Modest Florist knows that flowers aren’t just here to beautify a table or an event—they are key to keeping honey bee populations alive, which basically keeps our food supply stable. By focusing on and promoting local flowers, the Modest Florist is helping to do just that. Plus, local flowers are beautiful and can be great reminders of how lucky we are to live here (particularly when winter starts to make us question that). If you come in and place your order this Friday evening, you’ll receive 10% off the price, but will still score about 8 million points with the recipient.

First Friday in Hampden takes place this Friday, February 7 after 5pm. For moreinformation on the Modest Florist, visit

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