Five Delaware Firefighters Crossed Over into Maryland to Throw Watermelons at Mailboxes

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Maybe that's it!
Maybe that’s it!

What can I say? At around 1 a.m. on Oct. 4, five firefighters from Delaware rode into Maryland and “allegedly damaged 14 mailboxes, a trash can, and a church sign” by throwing watermelons at them.

A state trooper discovered 29 more watermelons in the bed of the men’s truck. Apparently they came from one of the firefighters’ family farm.

Each of the five allegedly grown-up men has been fined $300 and given unsupervised probation.

But much remains unknown regarding their motivations. Do they have something against Maryland? Were they simply stumped as to how  to dispose of their watermelons? Did they believe the mailboxes to be on fire and did the word “watermelon” confuse them? Is this considered fun? Are they each secretly 14 years old?

This has been your daily peek into the exotic pastimes of people who live on the Maryland-Delaware border.

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